Get ready for indulgent fabrics, soft tonal hues & opulent patterns this A/W.


"Stop, we are still in Summer! " I hear you scream!

Yes, yes yes, I know...BUT in fashion we are always working ahead of the current season.

On the hottest day of the year recently I attended a trade fair for the new season. Amidst my fellow glowing buyers trying to keep cool,I found myself confronted with making decisions on what winter woollies, scarves & Christmas gifting we might stock in the coming months!

I love the Summer, but the Autumn/Winter season always seems, how can I put it...some what more stylish, coordinated and grown up.


Introducing Our Luxe Collection...

Our Luxe collection has been influenced by a stylish designer inspired look.

Classically chic and so easy to wear.

Each piece has been carefully selected for it's tonal colours, indulgent fabrics & unique design.

Here's a little sneak peek to what in store- Pre-Order Now




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