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The Benefits Of Mulberry Silk




Our new collection of luxe 100% mulberry silk accessories by DREAMSILK look glamorous and chic, but they also have many secret beauty benefits too. 

From sleep masks and hair accessories, we are talking essential self care

Let's tell you more...

Imagine the thought of waking up well rested from a blissful, uninterrupted nights sleep so you are ready to bring on the day ahead...

For some of us, good sleep is hard to come by, but a Dreamsilk sleep mask may just help and can also help to improve your skin health too.


  • Preventing those wrinkles

The skin around your eyes is delicate and can be prone to creasing, so it is important to treat it with extra care.

We all toss and turn at night, which can lead to tugging and pulling around the eyes, so a silk mask is perfect because of the soft material helping to protect the skin which prevents creases and surface wrinkling around the eyes and above the brow area.


  • Moisturising Benefits

Silk is renowned for it's moisturising benefits. The tight woven material keeps moisture close to your skin. This can also help with dark circles, reduce puffiness and help slow down the ageing process.


  • Sensitive Issues

The softness of the silk makes a sleep mask perfect for people with sensitive skin or even eczema sufferers.  The gentle material is extremely soothing and won't cause irritation on the skin.


  • The right Temperature

Silk helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable while snoozing. The material adapts to your own body, no matter what season it may be.


  • A Better Night's Sleep

A sleep mask helps prevent light from reaching the retina of the eye. Naturally, our bodies respond to light by activating our sleep wake cycle.

Having complete darkness increases melatonin levels, which helps you fall asleep much faster. Our brains also associate sleep with darkness, and wearing a sleep mask can block out distractions and help with people suffering from insomnia.


Our Dreamsilk sleep masks & skinny scrunchie sets are available in a choice of pink, champagne and white £19.00




 DREAMSILK scrunchie white

So, now to the matter of hair care...

Let's face it, we are all  prone to bad hair days, or days when a messy bun will do

.But adding a little bit of luxe & glam to your locks, never hurt anyone.


  • Preventing Damage.

Dreamsilk scrunchies will actually help the condition of your hair, by preventing tangles, breakages and split ends.

  • Toxic Free

Made from luxurious soft mulberry silk, with non toxic dyes, they are super soft and free of irritation,happily sitting next to your hands, head and delicate scalp area.

  • Suitable For All

They are designed to avoid any creasing, kinking or frizz of the hair, and are suitable for all hair types, even fine delicate and dyed. 

  • Hair Hydration

Mulberry silk fabric is naturally hydrating, as on average it tends to absorb 30% less moisture than traditional cotton fabric. This means using a silk scrunchie keeps hair hydrated and healthier over time.

And Finally...


  • Supporting Slow Fashion

DREAMSILK scrunchies are created in a high quality 100% mulberry silk, making them designed to last longer and more sustainable. The perfect eco friendly option compared to traditional hair ties.


Our collection of Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies are available now at

Gladys and George £8 each