In order to ensure a perfect wear each time, it is important to take care of your garment.

  • We recommend washing Luella knitwear by hand using a detergent designed for cashmere, wool or delicate fabrics.

  • You can also launder your Luella knitwear on a hand wash cycle in the washing machine at no more than 30 degrees.

  • For best results, place your knitwear in a laundry net & do not spin at more than 700rpm.

  • Never wring your cashmere garment-simply lay out flat on a towel & gently ease into shape before rolling it up in a towel to squeeze out any excess water. Then lay it out flat on a drying rack or clean towel.

  • Whichever method you choose to wash your cashmere,it's always a good idea to gently de-pill your garment with a cashmere comb before washing it. 

  • Cashmere & wool are always prone to piling- this is nothing to do with the quality of the product, but more to do with the wearing it.

  • piling is a natural process caused when the fibres in the yarn rub against each other and form small balls. De-piling you garment regularly will improve it's appearance & maintain it's longevity.

  • And to ensure your garment keeps it's shape, it's best to store it folded.